Spy Pond & Charles River

The Fishing Associates Adventures for 06-29-2014

Location: Spy Pond, Arlington, MA and the Charles River

Time of Day: Early AM & afternoon

Who Fished: Bryon, Margaret, and Jordan

Types of Poles: Kmart Poles

Types of Fish Caught: small mouth bass, white perch and blue gills

IMG_0365 IMG_0367 IMG_3313 IMG_3351


Charles River Boston

The Fishing Associates Adventures for 08/10/2013

Location: Charles River- Charles River Espkanade

Time of Day: After work 5pm to 7pm

Who Fished: Bryon & Margaret

Types of Poles: Kmart Poles

Types of Fish Caught: Sun Fish, Yellow Perch, Bluegill and White Perch

IMG_6916 IMG_6920 IMG_6924 IMG_6925IMG_0050_2IMG_0051_2